The Generation Gap

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My father recently bought an android cell phone after much reluctance. Owing to his utter "illiteracy" (as he calls it) in the subject of technology my forty eight year old father started using his cell phone and he realised it early on that he would need my nine year old brother's help in 'operating' the cell phone. After this incident I thought that my father's generation may have seen the "man landing on the moon" thing but were no where near our state of comfort in handling gizmos and gadgets. This is what I call generation gap. He is still "learning" the intricacies of his android smart phone while my brother has mastered it.

Every generation has an inborn talent of its own. Its something like you have grown up with ipads and iphones during your stay in the womb. My father's generation must have had something else to brag about to his father's generation. But my grandfather had an upper hand in saying: his generation was the one which had won India her independence.... So on the list goes! Every generation has its own 'moments of pride and service' and 'moments of shame'...Over all these generations mankind has evolved into a very complex thing which anthropologists struggle to understand.

Instead of quarrelling over which generation is better or which generation has perks over the other, it is important to appreciate and assimilate the the quality and uniqueness of each generation that has flown by creating us and an omnipresent generation gap.

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