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Learn From Your Mistakes

December 12, 2013
By Anonymous

Learn from your mistakes. Albert Einstein believed that, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” I think this quote means that making mistakes can teach you something new. For instance, learn from your mistakes. I can relate to this quote in many ways. Like in my social life, or dancing, even school! People learn in their everyday life, and making mistakes can make you a better person.

To begin, I can relate to this quote socially. When I was younger I had a Facebook page. Of course I followed all of my friends, so we could plan things. My friend Bella and I got into a bad argument on Facebook about 2 years ago. It was over the dumbest reason ever, but I deleted my Facebook and never looked at it again. This taught me a valuable lesson in my life that once it’s up, you can’t take it down. If you’re going to argue do it in person, not on the internet.

Furthermore, this quote reminds me of my dance life. I’ve experienced new teachers, students, choreography, and other things over the past ten years. For example, every year I learn plenty of new dances, which means asking questions and changing steps the entire class, as if we were annoying kids asking for some money. We eventually get better and become more advanced. Every year we learn several new tricks. Something we say in dance is if you’re going to fall, fall hard or go home. We all make mistakes but its ok, because we learn from our peers.

To continue, this quote is definitely related to school. Like in math class you learn how to do a subject, for example two step equations. You learn about it, do some homework and then you take a test. But sometimes you mess up, and you have to reassess and learn from your mistakes. So that when you take it again you get a reassess basic. This doesn’t just happen in ma

th, you have to learn from your wrong to make it a right in your other classes as well.

In conclusion, mistakes are your guidelines in life. Albert Einstein once implied, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” I think this quote means you have to learn from your mistakes and learning from others errors can help you as well. Relating to this quote is fairly easy if you go to school or you do a sport. Like I said before, learn from your mistakes to make you a successful person and help you go somewhere in life.

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