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My Sister

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

I have a sister named Zoe. She is covered in brown fur; she is fourteen and walks on all fours. This is because she is a dog!
When I was ten my parents told me we were going to Seattle to see my cousins and my grandparents. We packed up the car and then we we’re off. About half way through the trip I was watching Harry Potter, I looked up and saw an unfamiliar looking house “Mom, where are we?”
“We are here to see your new dog!”
My sister who was sever and sleeping at the time, woke right up “NEW DOG!!” she said.
We got out of the car and knocked on the front door. A German lady with a thick accent opened the door. We introduced our selves. She walked us into her house. She sat us on a couch and talked to us about how to take care of our dog for what felt like an hour! Then finally she took us to meet our dog. We got in the car and followed her to where she keeps her dogs. There were tons of poodles; black, white, brown, all barking like mad!

She walked us over to a little room. When we got it smelled like urine. She told us to wait there and she left the room. About two minutes later she came back with a tiny brown poodle. She put her down on the carpet. She was very cereous she sat straight up staring at us for about two minutes then she slowly walked toward us we petted and played with he, then it came time to leave.

We hot back in the car and drobe away. My mom asked Anni (my sister) and I if we wanted to buy her of cource we both said YES!! We got back to our grandparents house, all of our cousins and aunts and uncles were there we told them we were getting a dog.

The next day we were thinking of names for our dog with our Aunt. We told her we wanted to name her a human name. She named off a bunch of names. None of them really stood out to us until she said Zoe. We all liked it. So we made it her name.

In a couple of days it was tome to say good bye to our cousins, but als time to get Zoe. We stopped by to pick her up we played with her again and the we went home.

Zoe is a very funny dog. She is know two years old. She is very crazy/playful and has her own personality. She likes to hop around and play tug of war. We are trying to teach her how to play fetch, but she doesn’t get the concept. She just chases the ball, picks it up, and then plays keep away.

She is also quite a chicken. When ever we take her to a dog park, chase a dog until it turns around and tries to chase her. Then she gets scared and hides by us.

I am very glad we bought Zoe she is fun to be around and I hope she will continue to be for ever.

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