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The State Deficit MAG

By Anonymous

   Raising the sales tax from 5 percent to 6percent or even 7percent would not be a practical way to aid Massachusetts' budget deficit. It is true that people shop, the state makes a profit from the present sales tax, but I have also noticed in the northeast part of the state (where I live) more and more of our citizens are travelling to New Hampshire malls and shops to avoid paying our 5 percent sales tax. A prime example of this activity occurs at the Pheasant Lane Mall. Due to its lack of sales tax, it is destroying downtown shopping in Lowell and other Massachusetts border towns.

Raising the tax to 6 percent or 7 percent gives the people an incentive to leave their own state to shop. The majority of people nowadays are trying to save money in any way possible. Shopping in New Hampshire is one way to do this.

State officials have discussed the idea of raising the tax on cigarettes and alcohol. These two items are not necessary for human survival and many people are addicted to them. Raising the tax on them not only would assist the stateAs budget problems, but also would possibly help people break their harmful habits. This would be useful in helping to balance our state budget.

But it is just as easy to drive to New Hampshire to purchase cigarettes and alcohol as it is for anything else. These addicted people will find the closest place to buy what they need to satisfy their craving. For Massachusetts citizens, this place is in Massachusetts.

Raising the Massachusetts sales tax would not be an efficient way to reduce our state budget deficit. It would force our citizens to travel out of state to fulfill their shopping needs. This would not solve our budget problems. It could cause our state economy to worsen. n

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