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By Anonymous

   My parents have always told me that hard work is the key to success. I began a long and, for me, painstaking search to find a job. I did not want to work and wasn't too serious about filling out applications at first. I soon realized, however, that my parents were serious and I better be, too.

Two weeks later, I came home to find a message that someone had called about a job and would call back the next day. But my sister couldn't remember where the person had called from. This gave me the night to imagine my future job. I envisioned a glamorous, well-paying job. Maybe working wouldn't be that bad. So when the phone rang the next day, I was excited. "Jacqui? This is Kim, from McDonald's." Can you feel my disappointment? I wasn't thrilled, but I agreed to go for an interview.

I spent the week praying and hoping someone, anyone, would call. No one did. So one beautiful summer morning, I arrived at McDonald's to face my doom. The interview went really well and Kim was great. Kim called soon after to tell me the job was mine if I wanted it. I tried to convince my parents I shouldn't accept it; I even tried the old "holding out for something better" routine. But it was to no avail.

So a week later I walked into McDonald's wearing a cheap shirt, ugly shoes, black pants and a hat ten sizes too big. My first night was a disaster. I was the slowest worker and could not, for the life of me, figure out the keys on the register. Five hours later, my feet ached so much, I thought I would never walk again; I had a huge stain on my shirt and all I could think was: I did this for minimum wage? Nevertheless, I returned courageously the next day, and the day after that.

I have been a McDonald's employee for six months now and actually enjoy working there - and not just because I got a raise. I like serving elderly people their "senior coffee" and listening as they brag about their 13 grandchildren. I like the McDonald's Code (words only McDonald's employees comprehend). I like earning my own money and not having to rely on my parents for everything. I like being appreciated for the work I do. As much as I hate to admit it, I guess my parents were right: hard work is the key to success and working is beneficial. I'll have to tell that to the new kid we just hired and smile as he glares at me.

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