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My embarrassing moment

September 11, 2008
By Daniel riley BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Daniel riley BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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When I was little I did a lot of embarrassing things. Some were more embarrassing than others but the one that embarrassed me the most was when I was about five years old.
It started when I was at the store with my mom. By the time we were done shopping and in the checkout line I had wondered away and was looking for coins on the ground. After that I walked back to the checkout line to find my mom and I couldn’t. Then I realized I was lost.
I kept walking around trying to find her but she was no where to be found. Finally I thought I saw my mom so I went and hugged her. Then she turned around and I realized the person I hugged wasn’t my mom. She was someone else. I was so embarrassed that I sat down on the floor next to the person’s feet and started to cry. That is my most embarrassing moment.

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