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Animal Farm Review

December 18, 2012
By bsalisbury BRONZE, Elkview, West Virginia
bsalisbury BRONZE, Elkview, West Virginia
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Animal Farm is based off the Russian Revolution; it is comparing the rights and equality of all animals to this war and what occurred in it. I would advise this book to any young adult readers or above. This book may contain unfamiliar vocabulary words, but will start to recognize throughout the book. The animals quote, “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy,” when they say this, they are referring to humans. One main point of this story is the equality and rights of how humans treat animals, which can easily cope with reality. Animal Farm has a variety of characters, and its setting mostly stays the same throughout the story, which is on a farm. All the animals have genuine quotes and phrases to learn from in the story. This is a well-organized book; it pretty much achieves its goals and purpose. I would recommend this book to any readers who like books with conflicts, and some difficult reading. This book has a very interesting ending, and you would be surprised when you found out. Overall, this book is very good. It has some difficulty at different levels, but I think anyone would enjoy reading it. Although, it has different themes, the main point and theme of the story is equality and rights. Everyone should be treated equal, no matter what the cause.

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