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The Timmys Episode 3: Red and Blue Makes Purple. Red and Green Makes What?

December 15, 2011
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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(TIM turns over in his bed and notices he has slept in for work.)
Tim-AAH-SPIT!!! (He hops out of bed and into the bathroom.)
(TIM then rushes out of his bedroom struggling to put clothes on. He gets to the counter where his box is laying on a folder. Without thinking, he pulls the folder from underneath the box sending the box to the ground and the marbles run eschew across the floor. TIM doesn’t see this and leaves the building in a hurry.)
(GREEN and RED roll away, but relatively stay close to one another while BLUE and YELLOW roll else where.)

Red-(Coming to)Holy crap!!! (He sits up and shakes himself. In despair he looks across the way and up at where the box HAD laid.) Uuuuugh…
Green-(Also coming to) Goodness! What a tumble…(He rolls over, sits up and notices he’s only a few feet from RED.) Are you okay?!
Red-(Turning to GREEN) Hm?! Uh-yeah, Im fine…(He stands up and dusts himself off.)
Red-I said Im FINE!!
Green-Well…aren’t you concerned about MY well being? (RED looks over and observes GREEN.)
Red-Get use to it…(He looks back over at the box’s beginning spot.)
Green-We’re a bit…far away.
Red-(In obvious stare at GREEN.) It amazes me why YOU’RE the smart one…
Green-It’s why the creators gave ME the glasses.
Red-I’ll get those two one of these days…
Green-Anyway, we can’t stay here all day we need to get back to the box at some point.
Red-NO, I thought we’d stick around here all day…again with the intelligence…you might actually want to use it.
Green-It’d help a lot too if you didn’t make fun of me all the time.
Red-It’d help if you used common sense.
Green-Stop that!
Red-Stop WHAT!?
Green-The mean, the hatred way you look at things-
Red-(Walking away) BLAH BLAH BLAAAAAH!!!

(RED gets to the living room carpet and begins to ponder before he turns back to GREEN.)
Red-You happen to see where the other two numb skulls rolled off to?
Green-(Quickly approaching) I was busy rolling myself.
Red-Ugh-you’re no help…(He begins to look around the place.)
Green-Yellow? Blue? (No answer)
Red-(Sighs) Looks like we’re on our own.
Green-What about the others?
Red-What about them?
Green-Well, we’ve-always been a group, never apart-
Red-And Im loving every minute of it…
Green-THE POINT IS-we can’t go on as ourselves without the other two…
Red-What, you think Tim won’t allow it? Look at the guy, his dog’s name is Poochie for heaven’s sake…
Green-(Gulps hard)…um…?
Red-What is it now?! (They hear the distant clicking of claws on the hard floor coming from down the hallway.)
Green-(Whispers)…the dog…….
Red-(Irritated) Of course… (POOCHIE barks and starts to dash towards them.)
Green-RUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! (They start off for the couch as POOCHIE leaps in front and cuts them off. They both stand frozen in fear as POOCHIE scoops down and starts to playfully sniff them. GREEN, still whispering) He’s sniffing us!
Red-Stay V E R Y still… (POOCHIE continues to sniff GREEN before he full on licks the base of GREEN.)
Green-(Quivering and dry heaving) Oh-oh…Oh god…! (POOCHIE yelps and then picks GREEN up like a toy and carries him away.) HELP ME!!
Red-(Stares as GREEN is carried away in POOCHIE’s mouth.) This could possibly be the happiest day of my life.
Green-HELP ME!!
Red-Stay strong Red o’ boy…
Green-HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
Red-You can do it…
Red-ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I’ll fricking help!!!! (Grumbles) Might I warn you, I was THIS close to not caring! (POOCHIE goes into TIM’s room.)
Green-(In response)………(Silently)…thank you…
(RED begins to furiously look about the room before noticing a squeak toy in a corner.)
Red-Perfect..! (He goes over to the toy and tries to squeeze it, but due to his size, he cannot get it to make a noise.) CRUD!!! (He starts to look again before an idea strikes him. He puts his fingers to his mouth to make a loud whistling noise. Soon after, POOCHIE comes sailing from TIM’s bedroom. RED then climbs up on the entertainment system and waits. POOCHIE rounds the corner into the living room as RED leaps from the entertainment system onto the back of POOCHIE, holding onto POOCHIE’s collar.)
(GREEN stumbles out of TIM’s bedroom drenched in spit and slobber.)
Green-I very much dislike pets…(He notices POOCHIE flailing about before noticing RED riding on the back.) Oh my-RED!!!
Red-(Finally enjoying himself.) YEEEEHAW! Ride em cowboy!!!!
Green-(Surprised) Oh my goodness?
(POOCHIE gives one last shake about himself as it then sends RED flying through the air.)
Red-WOOOOOOOO!!!! (He continues to hurdle through the air until landing in the kitchen sink.)
Green-RED!!!??? (POOCHIE hears GREEN yelling and soon draws his attention directly towards GREEN.) Woops…(POOCHIE rushes towards GREEN. POOCHIE reaches GREEN before GREEN stops him.) STOP! (POOCHIE freezes in place.) SIT! (POOCHIE sits down on the floor. GREEN begins to chuckle.)…LAY…LAY DOWN!? (POOCHIE falls down on his stomache.)…(Softly)…stay…(GREEN smiles as he then reluctantly approaches POOCHIE.)…stay…..staaaaaay…

(RED jumps out of the filthy pool water that sat in the sink.)
Red-(Coughing and gagging) Chinese…last-week’s…Chinese food… (YELLOW pops up from the water.)
Yellow-(Relaxed) Aaahh…come on in, the water’s great! (RED grossly stares at YELLOW) What? The warmth of the water ISN’T because of me, trust me…
Red-You fell in the sink?
Yellow-Actually, I rolled over by the dog food, but that stuff smelled SOOO bad!!
Red-(Looking at the sink) And this is..?
Yellow-MUCH better-I know!!!
Red-…That’s disgusting…(He gets up and rushes off)
Yellow-Come on! I can make bubbles!!!!
(BLUE opens the snack cabinet.)
Blue-I’m in heaven man!!!!!

(POOCHIE is now lying on his back while GREEN sits on POOCHIE’s stomach rubbing his tummy.)
Green-Such a good boy!!! (RED soon approaches them.)
Red-Looks like you uh…have it taken care of. (GREEN looks down to see POOCHIE is now sound asleep.)
Green-(Hoping down from POOCHIE’s stomach.) Couldn’t have done it without you.
Red-STOP-right there…!!!
Green-(Playfully)Come oooon!
Green-Come oooooooooon!
Green-I wont stop.
Red-You better!
Green-Or else?
Red-Or else what!?
Green-You helped me!
Red-I said-STOP IT!!! (RED grabs GREEN, raises him above his head and hurls him.) I DIDN’T help!!!! (Starts to walk away.)

(RED gets to the fallen box and opens it. BLUE had maintained to remain in the box.)
Blue-(Covering his eyes) Dude, shut off the light! I was having this dream of being on this rad roller coaster. It felt like the whole room was spinning!
Red-Wake up and help me get the box back on the counter top!

(YELLOW peers over the counter top down at BLUE and RED.)
Yellow-Hurry it up fellas! I’m getting kinda home sick up here!
Red-You COULD help us… (YELLOW smiles and then hides back behind the countertop.)..twit…

(GREEN approaches RED and BLUE.)
Green-Goodness gracious!! THAT was such a rush!
Blue-You’re telling me. I just had this dream-
Red-youwereonarollercoasterandtheroomwasspinning…we got it…
Blue-(Surprised) Whoooa…dude, how’d you know that? Are you a psychic?
Green-Need help?
Blue-Oh-yeah sure…(BLUE steps aside and gestures to his spot where he had been standing.)
Green-No, I meant-
Red-Just do it!!!
Green-(Frightened)FINE-fine…(He starts to pick up the box and shuffles towards the feet of the counter top.)
(GREEN stops moving when he feels hot heavy breath running down his back.)
Red-(Noticing that POOCHIE has awaken and now standing behind GREEN) Ugh…great!
Green-The dog’s behind me isn’t it?!
Red-I’d rather say no to see what insanity might happen.
Yellow-(Yelling from the counter top) You know there’s a HUGE dog behind you!!!???
(POOCHIE starts to sniff the box before picking it up in his mouth.)
Yellow-What’s he doing?!
Blue-Dude, I think he’s…(POOCHIE shakes his head violently and hurls the box up onto the counter top.)…helping us…
Green-Awwwww, you’re not a mean dog after all. Just really playful.

(The colors are all sitting on the ledge of the box’s opening staring into the apartment.)
Green-Let’s make a pact…
Red-(Falling backwards into the box) No thanks!!!
Green-To never leave one another ever again.
Yellow-Oh-oh!! Is this one of those wolf pack pacts!? I call the guy with the beard!
Green-No! We’re a team. We can’t live without one another…(Looks down at BLUE) No matter how crabby one of us can be. (Winks)
Red-(Silently) You didn’t just wink at me… (Jumps out of the box)So…you say we CAN’T live without one another?
Red-(Opening his arms) Then come give me a hug…
Red-Come on! Give me a big ol hug!
Yellow-THIS is awkward…(Hops into the box’s opening)
Red-Come on, whatcha afraid of? (BLUE approaches and hugs RED,but is quickly pushed to the ground.) NOT FROM YOU!!!! (Turns back to GREEN) You…….(GREEN hops down from the box and stands awkwardly.)
Red-We’re all friends here. And we CAN’T live without one another… hug me… (GREEN starts to slowly shuffle over to RED.) That’s right…come to papa…(GREEN eventually reaches RED and slowly wraps his arms around him.RED returns the gesture.) Ah, now that wasn’t so bad…(GREEN let’s go of RED and realizes RED has yet to release his clutch.)
Green-Uhm…Red, the hug’s over with.
Red-Yeah, not for me (He lifts GREEN off his feet and tosses him over the edge of the counter top and then whistles for POOCHIE!) NEVER-wink at me!!!!! (He walks back to the box while passing BLUE who has a surprised look stricken on his face.)
Blue-(Laughs) CLASSIC!

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