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   My father's name is Edward - he was born on PrinceEdward's Day - but I don't call him my Prince Edward, I call him Dad. Mydad is my hero, and always will be. I look up to him with all my heart.He has taught me more in my 15 years than I will probably ever learnfrom anyone else, but the learning hasn't stopped, nor has hisprotection. My dad and I have a good relationship, and no matter what, Iknow he's always going to be there for me. Whether he knows it or not, Iam always going to be there for him, too.

My dad is my hero formany reasons. He always gives 100 percent in everything he does; neverhave I heard him say he can't do something. He has taught me that whenthings get tough, the words "I can't" are unacceptable."I can't" really means, "I won't." I can do anythingI put my mind to, and be anything I want to be. The most important thinghe's taught me is that no matter where I go,what I do or whom I become,he will always be proud of me. There will always be someone I can counton - Dad.

Prince Edward may be found in books, but Dad is myprince. When people think of a hero, they think of someone who has beenin a war or saved a life. My hero hasn't done either, but he has been myteacher. He teaches me about life. Whenever I come to an obstacle Idon't think I can overcome, I can, because I will never say "Ican't" again. If I fail, my dad will catch me; if I succeed, hewill give me a hug and flash a smile. He is my Prince Edward, and alwayswill be ... thanks, Dad.

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i love this so much!