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The Timmys Episode 2: What Happens in MDAC Stays in MDAC

December 15, 2011
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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"You think it is the living that will have the ultimate judgement over you, but it's the dead that will have no claim over your soul"

(Tim Nelson steps out of the MDAC building and stops in thought. He searches his pockets and then feels that he hasn’t forgotten anything before he then hops in a cab and leaves the area. Up in the MDAC office, Matt Cooper begins to close the office door when he notices Tim’s box laying on his desk top. Matt looks about the room before approaching Tim’s desk.)
Matt-I always wondered what is in this box he constantly carries around. (Matt opens the box and finds 4 small colored marbles.)…marbles? (Slams the box shut) Figures…the stuff that goes on in that boy’s head. (He mumbles to himself as he leaves the room. Soon after, RED pops out from the box.)
Red- What the heck did he just call us!? (Hops out.)
Blue-Dude, what’s a marbles?
Green-(Rising with a dictionary in hand.) Marbles! A marble is a small spherical toy usually made from glass, steel, clay, or agate…
Red-That doesn’t make any sense!
Yellow-(Jumping out from the box and landing on the desk top on his knees.) Hello again world!!! How I’ve missed you! (He looks around cautiously.)…this isnt the apartment. Why aren’t we in the apartment? (Turning to the others.) Where are we?
(They all finally look around and then separately take a step back towards the box in concern.)
Blue-We’ve all been in some pretty rad places before,but…where ARE we?
(GREEN looks over at MATT’s office that read “Matthew Cooper: MDAC President”)
Green-Where ever we are, it’s called MDAC…
Red-MDAC? What a stupid name for a place.
Yellow-We’re stranded! He forgot us!
Blue-YO! We’re not stranded…man I peek a couple times a day and I notice this place every single day I do peek.
Green-No-he’s right-
Blue-yeah he is!
Green-We can tough it out here for the night…
Yellow-(Turns to them in horror.) Then the night is ours! (He turns away and howls into the office room.)
Red-SHUT UP!!!

(They all jump as they hear a scurry rush across the floor below them. They then sit in silence with fear.)
Blue-ah man, what was that?
Green-I haven’t the slightest clue…
Yellow-Fools, it’s probably a wildebeast preying on us. And the minute we show fear, it will pounce and eat us all alive!
Green-Oh my word!!
Red-That’s ridiculous! We are not being preyed on by a wildebeast so just shut it!
(The scurry happens again.)
Green-There it is again!
Blue-Dude, somethings sooo watching us!
(Yellow moves to the pencil cup and pulls down one of the pencils and holds it like a sword.)
Yellow-Looks like we have to fight tonight. (RED goes over to YELLOW, takes the pencil from him and breaks it over his leg and then hands it back to YELLOW.)
Yellow-That was rude…
Red-YOU’RE rude!
Zech-(ZECH, a small, british mouse approaches from behind TIM’s computer.) You’re ALL rude!
Green-It’s the wildebeast!!!! (GREEN hops into BLUE’s arms and begins to shake and quiver.)
Blue-Dude…it IS a wildebeast….(Looks at GREEN.) classic…
Zech-I don’t mean to interrupt your pity party, but my family and I are trying to enjoy our dinner over in that quaint little hole in the wall.
Yellow-There’s more of you!? (Turns to the rest.) They travel in packs.
Green-One moment…(Looks at BLUE) Please put me-(BLUE, without hesitating, drops GREEN to the ground.)
Blue-(Laughs) That was weird. Aren’t you guys suppose to always land on your feet?
Green-What!? No! That phrase is said about felines!
Blue-Naw-he said felines. Completely different things.
Green-(Pauses) Do you even know what a feline is?
Blue(Pauses)…a dog?
Red-A feline is the correct name for all breeds of cats!!!
Red-Yes cats! Large, fuzzy, HUNGRY cats looking for a nice plump little mouse and his mouse family to eat!!! Can we now get past this cat thing!?!?!

(YELLOW steps in front of ZECH and observes him.)
Yellow-You’re a really big mouse…you sure you’re not a wildebeast?
Red-(Walking away) why do I hang out with you people…?
Zech-uh-no…we are all the same size. I am in fact a mouse. I’ve traveled here from England where I met my wife Tiny. And we live here comfortably in the MDAC building.
Green-Excuse me, what IS this place? MDAC…
Zech-Seriously? You have no idea? Well, this quaint lil place is the biggest name in the entertainment business ran by Mr.Matthew Cooper after his former father. All films that leave this building has been properly directed and cared for by it’s director Corey Smith.
Green-How great can a place be if they have a mouse living in it’s walls?
Red-(In the distance) ZING!
Zech-Well, if you MUST know, Matthew and the others are pleased to have me around.
Yellow-Whoa whoa! They KNOW you live in the walls like the creepy little rodent you are…(Looks at GREEN) Rodent IS the right term right?
Yellow-(Laughs) LIKE-I care!
Zech-There’s also Tim Nelson…
Zech-The company’s travel and publicity agent…and you’re owner. (The colors gasp)
Blue-Dude, our dude’s name is Tim!?
Yellow-He always sorta struck me as an Orlando…or Bob…
Zech-So wait, you’ve never met your own owner?
Green-Not once! We’ve always stayed in that same box for-as long as I can remember.
Blue-yeah, and this guy remembers a lot man…
Yellow-It’s true! Nothing exits that guys head once it enters. (GREEN smiles real arrogantly)

Zech-You all care to join my family dinner?
Yellow-Nuh-uh! NOOOO! Ive heard of this before. We go into your little-hole in the wall and we LITERALLY end up being dinner!!
Zech-Im a mouse! Not a cannibal! I eat cheese.
Blue-Dude, cheese is beast!! Totally classic food!!
Zech-It’s just an offer,but I need to get back in there and finish MY cheese casserole…you are of course more than welcome to join. (Jumps off the table)

(GREEN looks at YELLOW and BLUE.)
Blue-Man, I am starving…we need some grub…
Yellow-I agree with little boy blue!
Red-(Coming back into the group.) Im down…

(They are all now knocking on ZECH’s small door placed in the side of the wall. ZECH answers the door.)
Zech-Ello there! You guys came.
Yellow-Well, the uh-table top was getting kinda lonely.
Zech-Understood. Come on in. (ZECH steps aside as YELLOW enters the room followed by GREEN and BLUE. RED goes to enter, but is stopped by ZECH.) Sorry buddy…
Red-What…? You’re kidding me right?
Zech-No offense,but your attitude is really terrifying and I would like to keep that away from my family…capeesh?!
Zech-I’ll save you a slice of casserole. (He grins and then closes the door.)


(5 hours pass and RED is now sleeping outside of the small door space. The door soon opens and YELLOW stares down at RED.)
Yellow-Guys, we have a beggar!! (YELLOW steps on RED as he exits the house. GREEN starts to exit while dragging a sleeping BLUE behind him.)
Zech-(From inside the house) Thanks for coming guys!
Red-You could wake me up first!!!!!
Green-Sorry, the time escaped us…help me with Blue?
Red-Why should I?! You all left me out here while you ate!!!
Zech-(Walking into RED’s view.) And that’s why. (ZECH is holding a small box.) I told you I’d save you a slice…
Red-(Snatching the box)…thanks…
(They all jump as cogs start to tumble in the entrance doorway.)
Green-(Shaking BLUE) Wake up!!! (BLUE slowly wakes up)
Blue-What’s up?
Green-(Points to the door) We need to get back to the box.
Blue-Oh no! It’s the man,man!
Yellow-Back to the box! (Rushes off)
Green-(To ZECH) Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality. We need to get going though.
Zech-Understood… hurry on! (He quickly closes door.)

(The guys all hurry back onto the desk top and into the box. Just as RED hops in and closes the lid, MATT enters the room with a curious look upon his face.)
Matt-Hello?! (He looks about the room. ZECH comes forth from his house.) Zech, how are you this morning?
Zech- as dandy as any other talking mouse can be.
Matt-(Laughs) Were you making any noise earlier?
Zech-(Glances over at the box) Not at all. I just happen to wake up actually.
(TIM rushes into the room panicked.)
Tim-Where is it!? (He shifts his eyes over to the box on the table top.) THERE! (He rushes over,picks up the box and hugs it. ZECH very carefully makes his way back into the his hole when noticing this. COREY,20s, enters after TIM.)
Corey-(Noticing TIM)…he’s hugging a box…
Matt-WHICH only means it’s going to be a good day. (He heads over to his office.)
Corey-(Sighs) Whatever…(Goes over to his cubicle)
(TIM remains hugging the box. He soon opens the box to the 4 small marbles.)
Tim-I missed you guys. You had me worried…
Corey-Tim, are you talking to yourself…?
Tim-Uh-n-n-no…y-you’re talking…to YOURself!
(TIM looks at the marbles again and then places the lid back on the box)

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