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State of the Union Address

June 18, 2011
By joecool101 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
joecool101 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
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Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of congress, and cherished citizens of the United States: I do not come to speak to you today about the achievements and accomplishments of our people. I have come here today to declare my future goals of our country, and propose some resolutions to the problems of our nation. Most of all, I would like to emphasize that I did not seek to become president to dictate rules, laws, and regulations for our country. I am here to help the country and its citizens move towards a better future. A future that is unstoppable in its direction forward.

I admit first of all, that this country has seen better times. We are now facing a recession, an instable economic situation for our country. Many people are unemployed, and plenty of businesses, have shut down. People are worried about how they’re going to feed their families. My fellow Americans, I am glad to announce a recovery bill which is focused on helping people in this time of hardship. Each family will receive financial aid depending on the circumstances of the family and the number of people in each family. This money will be sent for the term of five years. In this time, I plan to have substantially recovered the American economy. My administration and I have also investigated American regulations on outsourcing. We have tightened outsourcing regulations on businesses, so more Americans can have jobs that belong to them.

The United States has been seriously battling terrorism since 9/11/2001. I am proud to announce that American troops are to be out of Iraq by September. American troops will continue to fight in Afghanistan, because substantial progress has been made in fighting the Taliban. I would like to turn the country’s attention to another growing threat in the Middle-east: Iran. Iran is posing a threat to the United States and its long term ally-Israel. In addition, Iran is sponsoring terrorist organizations which pose a threat to the international community. Iran has been developing its nuclear program, and we believe it is creating a nuclear weapon. I have authorized the CIA to begin the surveillance of Iran’s nuclear program.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been troubling the world since Israel was created in 1948. The most reasonable solution to this problem is the two-state solution, but how is this solution possible if Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel? I admit, I do not have a good answer to this question, but I hope that I, President Netanyahu, and Mahmud Abbas will find a resolution in the near future. I pledge that if Israel will need any type of aid- financial, military, or humanitarian the United States of America will gladly provide it.

And now, my fellow Americans- I end my speech with joy and gratitude to my country. With one nation together as one person, even the biggest hardships can be dissolved. What hurts a people more than anything is being enemies with one another. America has a future. A future that is unstoppable in its direction forward.

The author's comments:
This is a speech that I wrote as if I were a President.

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