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Its Life

December 26, 2007
By Abbeee:) BRONZE, Moses Lake, Washington
Abbeee:) BRONZE, Moses Lake, Washington
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Sometimes, when you think the best thing has happened to you, and its just too good to be true,

It is.

Sometimes when you think that you’ve finally figured out that puzzle called life, you find out

your missing a piece.

Sometime, when you think you’ve finally found him, and you grasp him with all your might and struggle and fight to keep the hold, he turns to sand. Leaving you with nothing but empty fists and a

broken heart.

You shake and fight the tears.

Wasn’t meant to be..
Wasn’t meant to be...

Over and over those few forced words circle your head. Clutching your chest you drag yourself through the day, facing you with her again and again. She smiles and waves, even gives you a hug.
All this would have been returned with really joy, had she not been his.

She was the traitor,

the one who stole him.

She was your friend…

She got what you’ll never have, but you’ll always want. Your day hurts with every step you take. The aching takes you off track and you find yourself short of breath, grasping your chest.

I hurts like nothing before..

All hope is gone, so what’s the point? He always liked her, you just never knew. But no one will ever know how you feel. It would shatter your perfect mask. The flawless mask that everyone knows is my face, not a scar or scratch on it.

The perfect act.

So you let your cold heart take his memories and your feelings that remain and shatter into sharp shards of glass that shred you to into more pieces. You wipe away the blood and put back on your charade. Life will go on,

No matter how painful,
How unbearable you think it is.

Your memories fade, and are thrown under locks and chains, never to be seen again. The pain is accepted now with a million other scars and wounds you hide. Your mask is composed, your fake self in place, and now, you can face another day until your alone in your darkest place, where you can let it all out and forget this life and just


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iyi said...
on Aug. 22 2008 at 5:25 am
This was deep. It definately affects the readers emotions. Keep up the great work, hope this was from your imagination and not that some guy hurt you. Peace.