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November 27, 2010
By Flora SILVER, Allen Park, Michigan
Flora SILVER, Allen Park, Michigan
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Junior Achievement was founded in 1919 by Theodore Vail. In 1999, Queen Rania brought it to Jordan and named it INJAZ Al- Arab. It was spread amidst the Middle East in 2004. It runs throughout 13 countries and they are: Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, UAE, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. INJAZ is a foundation that supports young adults who are interested in business. INJAZ is basically a group of students from different countries who start a business. Each business is completely different than the other. It doesn’t really matter if the ideas of two or three businesses are alike because they are viewed for different factors and not just what the product or service is. Not only does INJAZ help you with knowing the necessary skills that will last a life-time with you and it helps to create a start for your future. INJAZ helps you to discover what your interests, ambitions, and dreams in the world to come.

In my past experience with INJAZ. It was like no other. I truly learned so much that left me speechless. Like any company, we started out with choosing the perfect employees which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Then, we chose the product we wanted to sell, which came after a lot of ludicrous ideas. This was the time when we got confused what our next move would be, but with the support of a teacher it was decided that we meet with a company that understands and has done the right amount of research about our product. We had our teacher call the SMEPS Company and arrange a meeting for us. We prepared for the meeting and a day later we had our mind blowing meeting. I could honestly say that after that meeting I was truly overwhelmed. I learned so much about our product, things I wouldn’t and couldn’t have learned otherwise. We asked the right questions and took plenty of notes that would last us a life-time. The most thing that caught me by surprise was that it takes a lot to have a business meeting. Also, Punctuality is an essential element in every occupation. Although, I haven’t stayed in INJAZ as long as I would have preferred, I learned massive amounts of information. I advise anyone who is in INJAZ to commit to it because it is an opportunity that will not repeat ever again.

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