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Why spread your wings and learn a new language?

March 11, 2010
By FatabulousHannah BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
FatabulousHannah BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
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Forty Percent of cancers are preventable

Worldwide, the World Health Organization (also know as WHO) claims that one out of every eight deaths are caused from cancer. Studies have concluded that by the year 2030, cancer deaths will jump from 7.6 million to 17 million if there are no major changes on the way we live. This includes not smoking, lessening the amount of alcohol consumption, getting vaccinations targeting cancer-causing infections, and exercising while eating healthy.

Forty percent of all cancer deaths could be preventable if we listened to the WHO, telling us to not do the wrong by smoking, not drinking gallons of alcohol, and eating plenty of healthy foods. 21% of all cancers are cervical, or HPV related. In the western location of the globe, there is plentiful of vaccinations preventing these types cancers. The impact of following through with the advice from the World Health Organization would positively affect us globally.

Reading this article, I have a strong opinion to change these numbers. If we only listened to the WHO, our cancer society would lessen! People just don't tend to listen, even if it is as serious as life or death. We seem to not take action until we experience it, which is sometimes too late. Personally, eating McDonald's every now and then wont kill you as well as having a glass of wine on special occasions, but too much can definitely make your lifestyle unhealthy and have a more likely cause for cancer. If I want to live, I will listen to the people who know what they're talking about.

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