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Studying For Chemistry At 1: 30 A.M. MAG

By Anonymous

   Even a million cups of coffee couldn't keep these eyelids from falling

into a dehydrated sleep.

I would probably spend the night in the bathroom if I drank

all that caffeine.

The hydrogen electron positive charged words blur in my lap. If I blink

they may disappear.

I can recite the damned atomic theory (created by Dalton in 1803,

published in 1808-1812) to the dozing, purring cat.

Tomorrow I'll forget it ...

Someday I'll need to know who Enrico Fermi is.

"You may be on Jeopardy and the answer will be AHe created the modern

atomic theory ...'"

I'll know the answer.

But I'll buzz in and respond, "Alex, are you wearing any underwear?"

and they'd probably kick me out. I wouldn't even a get a cool prize

(like an air popcorn popper).

Isotope, which rhymes with microscope,

are atoms of the same element with

different masses.

Damn Scranton sheets!

Bubbles are supposed to pop! I suppose there is a theory on that, and

I suppose I should know it!

What if it's on the test tomorrow?

read, re-read, Read, Re-Read, READ, RE-READ!

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