January 2, 2010
By Danielle Owens GOLD, ASHLAND, Ohio
Danielle Owens GOLD, ASHLAND, Ohio
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I am writing this about Drama Club because this activity brings the best out of everyone. Even if you cant act at all... there is other things you can find out you are good at. At my school we have a Drama Club in the middle school and the high school! I think this is a great fantastic idea. It got a bunch of kids together from two different grades and we were all freinds by the first meeting.
At first everyone was shy but then we did a whole bunch of exercises that got us to know each other. I loved being comfortable infront of everyone which is not typical for me. Drama Club got me out of the fear of acting and moving infront of other people i barely know. We all know each other now and we do a whole bunch of skitts that are really funny and some can be so funny that we may fall out of our seats.
Some examples are, two people are stuck in an elevator and one person is confident that they will get out and the other one is freaking out! We dont have scripts that we have to read so its our imagination and thats what makes it so fun.
I think if you are trying to make friends and you are shy, this is the best thing to do. Just try it. You will love it!

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lsims1973 said...
on Jun. 17 2015 at 9:41 pm
Beautiful words to tell of an awesome adventure. Well done