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Owen's Art Show

May 14, 2009
By ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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He waits in the art room excited to see his fathers reaction to the hard work and dedication he put into his drawings. All the other students walk around the big room, with their dress shoes tapping loudly on the hardwood floor, with their parents showing off all their days of work. Owen had 15 drawings on the wall, all done to the best of his ability, all thoroughly thought out, all done with an imaginative mind and a creative skill. He had many people walk by and compliment his drawings, his mother, grandmothers, and sister was there with him also praising his work, he was gifted. This was his last year of high school and possibly his last chance to shine, he was nervous, excited, and anxious for the arrival of another character to show up.

There was only an hour left of the art show and finally the man that he was awaiting for showed up. Owens dad a middle aged Mexican entered the room, with Owens little brother and said hello. Owen was so happy that his father had finally arrived this was his chance to make him proud.

“Dad I need a hair cut” Owens little brother Dominic said to his father.

“He’s not going to take you now Dom, he’s busy.” But sure enough his father barely glanced at Owens artwork before leaving to give the other brother a hair cut. Owen was devastated and shocked at the scene that had just played out before him. The moment that he had been waiting for whisked away from him by his little brothers want for a hair cut. Disappointed, devastated, crushed, none of these words are appropriate for the feelings Owen was experiencing right then. If anything he was completely destroyed right then, that moment right there would be a turning point in his life. After trying so hard, even just for a compliment, just a compliment would have been better than this. Failure, that’s how he felt, like a failure, pathetic, he fought his tears away and replaced them with anger. Life from here on, will be completely different all because his father refused to acknowledge his sons creativity and skill, poor Owen.

The author's comments:
It kind of sucks when things like this happen, but I'll always be there for you. Your a great artist, and even if he didn't seem to care I did. Love you, Ryen.

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