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Personal Statement for Rose-Hulman

January 24, 2012
By dpow18 BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
dpow18 BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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As I stepped out of the car, I looked around and noticed the beautiful architecture, buildings, and greenery. This describes my first visit to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Seeing this gorgeous campus and having a few very friendly students show me around made me realize that this is the school for me. After meeting with many different professors from various fields of study, the one that really sparked my interest was a professor who taught civil engineering. I would be a fantastic student at Rose-Hulman because of my unique traits, my career choice, and my goal orientated life.

I have always considered myself to be a good problem solver. Not only am I good at solving a problem, but I also enjoy it. Along with this, a love for mathematics and science, and an overall passion for constructing new things, I have chosen the perfect career choice. I believe that civil engineering would be an excellent career choice for myself. With the qualities I possess, I would not only be a successful engineer but an overall better person. I firmly believe that you should help others before helping yourself and becoming a civil engineer will help me fulfill this belief. The knowledge an engineer gains can be very useful to underprivileged peoples in the United States and other countries. The uses of water filtration systems, knowledge of natural cleansers, or the building of an effective road system are basic things that these countries need. Overall, my admiration for working hard and never giving up summarize why Rose-Hulman is the best choice for me.

I have ran across the state of Illinois twice and I am doing it again this summer! I do such an exotic thing not for my own personal gains but for the benefit of others. I am part of a group called “Cross Countries.” The formal definition of our group is that we are a group of dedicated runners striding to promote volunteerism and global responsibility through international service. The group is made up of students from my high school fundraising $50,000 to travel to Amachuma, Bolivia to complete the construction of the Bethel Hospital. Along with the $10,000 donation we will be giving to the hospital, we will be installing a water filtration system and completing many other projects. The process that this has put me through has helped me pick out the career of civil engineering. For example, throughout these last couple of years I had to juggle many different tasks that needed to be completed, and even though I struggled at times, I still turned in high quality work on time. The satisfaction I gain from helping a person in need is an indescribable feeling of joy and happiness that cannot be matched by anything else.

Being goal orientated is very important. My Dad has always been a great role model for me and he always stresses the importance of keeping a goal in mind. Before I set myself a new goal, I always remember what my Dad always tells me, “Don’t limit yourself because I know whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish it.”For example, during my 2011 cross country season, I was burdened with a shin injury. Even with this injury, I still had a goal in mind which was to win the conference championship and earn all-conference honors. I did exactly that by the end of the season. I have set two pretty lofty goals for myself also. The shorter term goal would be to graduate from Rose-Hulman with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. This goal will be accomplished because I am an extremely hard worker. The longer term goal for myself would be to overall help the world; it would be an amazing experience to travel all over the world to help underprivileged nations with my knowledge gained from Rose-Hulman. I raise my own standards and goals very high because with each and every goal I achieve, I set the bar higher and become a better person in doing so.

I firmly believe that Rose-Hulman is the perfect college for me. From my initial visit to the university, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease; as if I was at home. Overall, Rose-Hulman has an amazing atmosphere with the professors being some of the brightest minds in the world today. It would be a huge honor to be taught by these professors. My unique traits, my career choice, and my goal orientated life make Rose-Hulman an overall great choice. Hopefully I will soon be able to call myself a Fighting Engineer!

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It got me accepted into the college, so its a pretty solid essay.

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