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A Friend

February 20, 2018
By HushedButterfly GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
HushedButterfly GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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I,as a socail human, have a couple of friends. 5 to be exact. But if we were cutting down to those who I trust with everything. Who I would tell everything. The first to know my secret crush. There would be two. One has helped me with my self confidance and he has a personality that makes me feel safe. It makes me feel accepted like I belong where I am. The other is amazingly nice and never makes me feel left out. They listen when I need them to and that makes me feel confident with my choice in friends. They are the two people I know I can trust. In my opinion we need more people like them.

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My friends make me feel accepted in a group where I normally don't.

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