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Guardian Angel

November 21, 2007
By Anonymous

You see them all around like they're the new "fad" or something, but what isn't shown is the horrible effects of them on our bodies, our minds, and our lives. Everyone says that "the drugs will kill you", but in my experience, they will kill you, if you don't do it first.

I didn't even no him, talked to him maybe twice in my life. I was younger, why would he want to talk to me? That’s exactly what I was thinking while we had a random conversation over the internet. He asked me if he could tell me something in all honesty. Being the person that I am I said sure. He told me he was a drug addict and that he was going to commit suicide. Until then I had lived a fairly stable life with no huge conflicts except for what I should wear each day. He told me if I told anyone it would only make him hurt other people as well as himself and I knew I’d be first on his hit list. What was I supposed to do? I was only 14, he should have known better than to tell me something like that. I was sick for that entire week, each night talking to him trying to convince him to go to therapy. The day before he was to end his life I came up with enough courage to tell my heath teacher who took me to a counselor. In my school if you are seeing a counselor you are considered to have serious issues. I didn't want to be there anymore than she wanted me there, but I was there to help him and she was there to help me help him. It took a lot of talking and painful testimonies to finally get him in rehab. I thought everything would go back to normal and I could go on pretending like nothing had happened, but the rehab clinic released him within a week and now my safety was in danger. He started verbally sexually harassing me and eventually hit me once, in a playful, but painful way. His foster parents finally gave him up and he moved to a city three hours away. I have never seen him since. For everything he put me through I should have the right to never want to see him again, but somehow deep down I really still worry about him every single day and want to see him again. About 6 months after he left he told me over the internet that I saved his life. He gave me some of the best advice I have ever received. He said that life is a food chain and when you do something, good or bad, to someone it affects the people around them, which affects the people around them and so on. He told me not only did I change his life for the better, but his siblings and parents too and so on. As of this day he has plans for his future, he plans on having kids and being drug free, he is also planning on fighting for our country in Iraq soon. I will never forget him or what I went through, but all of that was worth the 2 words he called me at the end of our last conversation. Guardian Angel.

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i love I have had myself two Guaridan Angels and I am olny 13. i love them with my life my first Guardoan Angel Is my turn to save her. and my second is an awesome guy friend who saved me and stiil looking out for me from doing something stupid