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Patriotism: Freedom, Honor, Strength

October 3, 2017
By Tennisgirl109 SILVER, Hartland , Wisconsin
Tennisgirl109 SILVER, Hartland , Wisconsin
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At the closing of the tombstone, the deeply mourning family stumbles to the car while holding their breath. A dreary, depressing, autumn afternoon... the sprinkling water mists over the thousands of grave stones scattered throughout the cemetery. The leaves crunch beneath their feet as tears drip down and silence fills the cold air. Soldiers gave their lives for America and families are now dealing with goodbyes. It happens every day and I am thankful for their bravery and service to our country.

Freedom is a direct result from the soldiers who fight for our country. Because of this, I am free to be the person I am today. This freedom has opened opportunities. As a young woman, I am able to pursue my dreams of becoming a speech pathologist. As an American, I have the freedom of speech, the choice to fulfill my aspirations and the hope of a bright future. At election time, my grandpa  speaks his mind about politics and without the freedom of speech, he would not have this opportunity.  

Honor is what soldiers earn as they are dressed in uniforms full of pride. Honoring  soldiers reminds us of times spent in war. Proudly blowing in the wind our red, white, and blue flags represents all those who fought.


Flashback ... as the Major General lifts up the casket, respect runs through his body as memories haunt his mind. Pride, loyalty and loneliness fill the Major General’s mind as he remembers the young soldier.

Strength, watching fellow members die, after they sign the dotted line to enlist. Strength is needed while walking into your car, wondering did I make the right decision? Strength is saying “goodbye” to our loved ones as we proudly hold the American flag, the greatest sign of patriotism.

At the closing of the tombstone, the deeply mourning family stumbles to the car while holding their breath knowing that their son earned America’s freedom and honor through his Strength.

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