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The True Reason Behind Why Girls Wear Make-Up

March 6, 2017
By Sofia_Gonz07 GOLD, San Marcos, CA, California
Sofia_Gonz07 GOLD, San Marcos, CA, California
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Young girls always wish to look impressive. They don’t want to be average. They don’t want to be okay. And they most certainly do not want to be an ameature at their make-up. Therefore, they blend every bit of their foundation into their skin, apply every layer of mascara, and put on a fair amount of lip gloss. But here’s the thing and I hope you take it seriously, make- up doesn’t alter your relationship with a boy it just leaves it be. You cannot force things to come forth into your life. Rather it be, you must allow it to naturally arrive into your life. Make- up will help you blend in with the other girls but it won’t exactly cause you to stand out or be invited to the popular crowd. Accept yourself for who you are. When I was a sixth grader, I could not bear being an ordinary nerd. Also? I had a low amount of friends. By the middle of the year, I decided to change. I used make-up, wore better clothes, and did my hair more often. I grew to be more social and close to a popular girl. Soon, she was asked out. I helped her feel secure about saying yes and became her friend a few days later. Of course, I grew to believe in myself too much so I began to force myself to be with her and her friends all of the time. Months later, all of me had become a disaster. Make-up is not everything. Being popular is not everything. Being you is what matters. Every day a teenage girl decides to use make- up for the first time due to the belief of that helping her reach the top of the pyramid. But the truth is, there are no popular people. They are just students who are like you. The only difference is that they are selfish. They show off their “skills” and brag about how they have a “partner”. Just one mistake and they judge you. They used to be like you, though. And time after time, they refuse to accept that so they behave like that fact was never even there. So to every girl out there who wants to be popular, I guess the true question is, would you like to be selfish? Take every decision you make seriously and every action cautiously. Your future is counting on you. Who do you want to be?

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@Sofia_Gonz07 Great article!