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The Best of Me

December 16, 2016
By PJ-Skittles GOLD, Pittsfield, Illinois
PJ-Skittles GOLD, Pittsfield, Illinois
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In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take, those once in a lifetime chances. That one person you continue to stir about in your mind, you go up to them and do not have the courage to speak a single syllable upon the brow of their face. Waking up the next day you find out that you only had one chance to tell them that you miss them or you’re sorry, and today they’re on the bus labeled “Their life”, five steps too late, time marches on. Getting up every morning going to the closet of happiness and figuring out which face you’re going to wear today. The thick artificial porcelain touching your warm skin, making you cringe a little bit more with every hand movement. The closet of happiness is one the same, all the faces sitting there in nice neat rows, they’re all the same, smiling faces, little do you know porcelain can hide a lot within its thick shell, in the end unbreakable walls break, unbendable steel bends. Some mistakes you make and they go away and have an adulterous affair with the hands of time, but there are those one or two mistakes you make in life that are like a crisp piece of ripped paper, you can go and get the scotch tape or even the Duck© tape, if you’re strong enough inside and fix the mistake, but as father time moves his wicked hands, the now raggedy tape begins to break at the seams, and lets go of all that has happened. Going home every night after the production of life is finally over, you grab your phone and stare, staring into the deepest space you have ever stared into before. Texting that one person, that one person who you have to hear from every day, until the conversation turns into a soliloquy of “Okay” and “K”. Day after day the conversation goes good until the single letter responses come in like the great flood upon Noah’s ark. Now getting text messages wanting your presence to be known where you once used to hang out all of the time, but sitting there, with nothing to respond with , you fall back to sleep. Finding yourself talking to the people in your life you know deep down do not care for you, and yet you choose those negative people over the positive people in your life, you realize how stupid that ideal sounds to you in your mortal mind, yet you’re reminded of how you spent a whole year of your life destroying their life as they knew it to be. You stay away because you know the mistakes you made, in the end they’re probably better off if you choose to stay away and let them start their life anew and heal their wounds. Over time years will pass and you blow a tire and stop in to the local general store and as you raise your knees to stand you come face to face with that one person in which you swore you would never look upon the eyes of again. They reach out a helping hand and say your name, you feel a bit of unfaith come inside of you, and you reply, for so many years you have played this scene out in your mind, constantly acquiring a new cast and script. You procrastinate and look around because you do not wish to leave, in the end you want to stay there with that one person forever. Tire patched, the only thing you have to look at is the rearview mirror, all the while not knowing that the person you wish to stay with for eternity was wishing upon the same star you were, wanting the same exact thing for themselves, with you. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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To the best friend and brother a man could ask for (168)

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