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From Children Comes Imagination

July 25, 2013
By EbonyandIvory PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
EbonyandIvory PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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From the mouths of children comes a long and winding tale. A story full of wonder, mystery, enlightenment, and suspence. From there hearts comes purity, innocence, a deep and emotional needy bond. From the minds of children comes a great power. A gift that has been left for dead towards the modern day society. Out of their minds comes innovation, change, and something so far forgotten. From the lives of children comes action, horror, comedy, and drama. From their very beings is something that is dying as they progress in age: imagination. It is the very spirit and soul of every child which produces valueable traites and or qualites such as leadership, determination, being open minded, perserverance, cooperation, and communication. Many adolescences find that they are lacking in such fields. Could it be due to the idea of "putting childish antics aside?" Imagination helps children to actively engage in improvisational activities with and without the use of props. Some companies are looking towards the poinions of actual children for ideas on new inventions and critiques of those past. It is a proven and a very successful theory. If one should be stuck in a rut or cannot focus on the task at hand, try to connect with the inner child within. If one would let their imagination run wild from time to time, they should expect results.

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