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G-d's Game

April 16, 2013
By Basya44 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
Basya44 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
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Dear G-d,

i I I I think that you have officially lost your marbles . What is the fun in this game you play? I think you're the only one laughing. If you want to hurt, create us numb. Why not hurt that which can't feel?

Dear G-d your precious world has become an uncontrollable fireball of confusion and pain. Why not calm the waters and let us shine peacefully? Why steal the ones that matter? Why are u breaking the already broke?

Dear G-d, no offense but you seem recklessly bored. Your power and time can create Utopias instead of these hells we call home.

Dear G-d, however sick we are, you are sicker. You made us sick. You created all the monsters, and the monster-maker is the worst monster of all.

Dear G-d, you still have a chance to fix this. Bring back the ones we love. Wipe the blood off the sidewalk. Make us a wonderland of peace, love, and chocolate.

With hope,


The author's comments:
The aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy within my mind...

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