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Anonymous-the unheard friend

March 29, 2012
By EbonyandIvory PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
EbonyandIvory PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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If we were to list the most common names, there is always one we haven't taken into consideration Anonymus.

The neutal-gendered person is a friend of mine who is well educated and compassionate, and yet we always seem to take the person for granted.

Think about it.

If you were being ignored and you yourself couldn't do anything to either prevent or change it, what would you you?

I implore you to make Anonymus your friend and reconize the person, for they are to humble to do it for you. Show them the same respect and compassion and intelligence that the person offers you.

Just because the person doesn't want you to know everything about him/her doesn't mean that they want to be ignored.

Make a friend in Anonymus, for the person hides right under your nose.

The author's comments:
The definition of 'anonymus' was created by society. The term is not just applied to writing. A person of 'anonymus' is one who is ignored and never recognized for their work. At most times, the work the produce is breath taking.

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ALM007 ELITE said...
on Jul. 23 2012 at 4:13 am
ALM007 ELITE, São Paulo, Colorado
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I think you've covered a really interesting topic. Every now and then when I think of ecopywriting and ghostwriting sites and jobs, I wonder how many written works that are applauded and praised are never applauded or praised to the right person, to Anonymous. You should write more essays and articles and I love Duran Duran too. My favourite song from Astronaut is Nice and What Happens Tomorrow. But their early stuff is also great, as is Arcadia - a spin off group formed by Rhodes, Lebon, and Roger Taylor.