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your life

January 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Look at your life. Look at what has been put on your plate. Who shares this meal of life with you? The ones you care about: Family, Friends. They are the ones that share your every laugh, smile, tears and trials with you. Do you ever feel like sometimes they should just be happy for you that you can finally smile a way you never could?
I think certain people are put into your life for aw given purpose. Some to make you laugh and brighten your day. Some to teach you somthing about your life. Some to even hurt you and teach you what pain is. Every one is sent to you for a reason. What about that one who is sent to you to fall for? To completly give your heart to. That one that makes you smile a way you never have. What if your support system of family and friends isnt on the same boat as you and your love?
Part of your heart tells you to be rebellious. Go with your heart, and just let things fall into place wether they follow or not. While that other half isnt ready to let go of those people who have such a huge part of your heart. Should you have to let go of your team just to win in the game of love?
What if you could have two in one. If the ones you love could just be happy that you've found this new happiness, no matter who it was with, then we could just work out the kinks in this whole ordeal. Its the one situation in life where you could have 2 in one if the ones youve known will just learn to step outside and see love from where you stand.
So fall in love! Go for it! take risks! The ones who have been there for you all along will follow. If they dont, then thats okay. Leting some people go is just part of growing up.

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