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Problems Suck!--Only If You Let Them

April 10, 2008
By Anonymous

They’re always going to be problems, conflicts, arguments, fights, disputes, and etc. SO why stress over them more then the things that bring us happiness. For instance, a person going berserk for stalling in city traffic on his way to work, he’s shouting and getting stressed out for something small. It only becomes a big problem if you truly believe it’s ruining your life, thus it transforms into stress and the process is done. Incoherently, a person who is in the same position can easily accept he/she going to be late and just practice patience. This person can also choose to listen to music to his liking. See what happened, the person who became angry at traffic gained quite a bit of stress from a possible everyday situation. While the calm person waited the event out and lightened up the mood by doing something he enjoys. It’s so easy to avoid stress, but people become fixated with these negative aspects of life and can’t let go of it. To avoid stress, focus on positive traits of the world that you admire. These should bring you happiness just thinking about it, it’s all in your head. Certain items will not bring you happiness like: Money, Sex, and Possessions, these things bring you pleasure not happiness. Id like to think of ideas like: Nature, Life, Family, Love, Religion, mainly items that directly affect your heart.

You should’ve gained something by reading this, but if you haven’t, at least try something before you completely disown the idea. You can be surprised how many people have a set mind about something they never experienced. For a life lesson, experience what you haven’t sometime in your life before you take life for granted. Some examples may be: A fearful person who doesn’t want to skydive because they heard of so many accidents involving skydiving. She lets her fear of the idea get to her, if she courageously attempted it, she might love the idea so much, she will skydive until the day she dies. This is just a possible scenario and you never know what’s going to happen, so stop thinking so much and just do.

I’m just another person on the planet (negative), but I’m the only Me. (positive) however you perceive life, it will affect you until you go down another path of philosophy. I write this because I truly believe I'm happy and I’m enjoying life at the age of 17. There’s certainly more to come in life, and I’m just letting everything happen. If you say, “What if it doesn’t happen”, I can easily say “then it doesn’t happen.” Life is simple, distinguish what’s right and wrong for yourself. Also, try not to think about the future or the past. Focusing on these timelines alters your perception of life. For example, a male teen wanting to grow up will always look forward to being older until he is older. When he’s older, he’ll look back and see that he wants to relive his teen days. He should’ve lived his life present tense thus having no regrets. What I will like to leave this off at, is by saying, “It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.”

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