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Only God Matters

January 14, 2008
By Anonymous

A lot of people think that material items actually make the world go round, and it's the truth. There are a lot more important things than money, cars, clothes, and the latest "it" thing. To me, something I would die for would be my faith. God brought me through too many problems for me to just deny him like so many others. I want to reach the world one day. My family, including the friends who know me best, matter a lot to me too. That's who you have when you have nothing left. I learned that through personal experience. I have actually had more than one family to support me and be there when I needed it the most. Going through foster care like I did could put anyone in the position of feeling that there is no one to listen to you. It's an aweful feeling, and I am glad so many people came through for me. God is the main one though, because he NEVER LEFT MY SIDE.

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