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My sisters

February 22, 2008
By Anonymous

My sisters
Do you have a little brother or sister? Well, I have two sisters. One is five years old and another is barely a month. If you have a younger sibling, you will know that all the attention you use to get, is directed directly to the new born.I was 8 when my sister, Rebecca, was born. I was at that stage where I need the attention and I got it, obviously since I was an only child. My mom and dad did everything with me I got everything I wanted, with reason. (I was not spoiled!) But when my mom got pregnant, we started to buy all these new stuff for the new baby and I was wondering why I didn’t get anything new. When Rebecca was born, she was really cute and I wanted to play with her just like my friends did with their sisters. But every time I try to play with her, or touch her really, my mom would yell at me. Dad said I was too little to carry her and that she was too little to play with me. My parents stopped paying attention to me as often and my mom was always tired. Rebecca taught me how to play by myself and to share everything including my parents.Five years later, my mom was pregnant again with another baby girl. I was prepared and didn’t really care a lot because I already went through that phase. Rebecca on the other hand was excited to be an older sister and to take care of one like on TV. but when Emily was born, Rebecca couldn’t take care of her like she thought because she was too little. I on the other hand was allowed to and would always feed her or change her. Emily taught me how to take care of a newborn and to remind me how delicate a baby is since she was only five pounds.Both my sisters taught me a lot and the experience was priceless. Not everyone can live through and remember what I did. I still sometimes want an older sibling or be the youngest, but I wouldn’t trade Rebecca or Emily for anything.
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