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Picture Perfect

February 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Picture Perfect

Love :(1) Strong affection for another; (2) attachment or devotion that’s warm;(3) affection based on admiration;(4) a beloved person. Love is a powerful, life changing word. From the moment you can first understand love, till you cherish it to the grave. Love is a art and you are the artist, it all depends on how you paint your picture.
I remember it vividly love, I’ve been walking erect since the moment we met, and I caught your eye to my surprise

Age 4, a beautiful, colorful, simpler age. Age 4 was the age where my picture began to unfold from my small hairless head. My first love was my mother. My father was always away during those days because he was honoring our country overseas. So while my dad was fighting for my freedom my mother, my older brother, my sister and I resigned in our small navy apartment in Groton, Connecticut. I cannot recall the countless hours slaved in the kitchen without air conditioning just to feed her three little angels. The numerous minutes she spent doing laundry. The blood sweat and tears she put into making our house look decent enough to live in while my father was standing in role call. Yet through toil and tears, she still had the same wide white spread smile she had had since the day I was born. Her beautiful glistening green eyes never cross, but stronger. She is the strongest woman I know. She walked through hell to feed me and still tucked me into bed with a smile. But at age 4 I was uncertain that my feelings about love would change.
Hebraic neuroses ceased to be and angels conversing with me, the new attractive to me is divine
Age ten, the age where a boy thinks he is becoming a man. The age where my picture has tweaked. The age where I found a new love, the sport of lacrosse. The first time I slipped my hands into my pearly white warrior lacrosse gloves I was for certain that this was the sport for me. The piercing summer sun beating down on my pale face. After countless hours my face resembled a chrisom tide. No matter the redness or the burns I was still alive. Alive with the glory of love for the fastest sport on two feet. But I was not sure in those days that the exciting sport of lacrosse would not be my true love for long.
And even if your friends don’t understand no matter what I’ll always be your man, even if you go you know you’ll leave me feeling grand
Now at age 13 my picture is more vivid and distinct than ever before. At age 13 a boy thinks he can grab the bull by the horns and handle his own problems. Age 13 is where you break the rules and find out who you really are. Now at age 13 I have found a new love. I have found the love of music. My first real experience with music was Vans Warped Tour. I was one of the many to view the musical masterpiece of the Gallows Cancer Bat tour. Atop the stage Frank Carter belted out every last word of his song until he was red in the face and gasping for air. Alone I stood in the crowd. People flying through the air to during the guitar solo just to be caught by a fat sweaty man and beat up for dancing. People running into each other to the beat of the drum. Wild chants were coming from everyone even myself calling out “encore encore” One voice came back over the microphone yelling “you want more we got it.” I thought here comes another high speed song rolling with the punches song. I was hooked the whole scene was so new to me. My eyes as big as stars and my ears ready to bleed. I was complete. But as I get older, I do not see myself as I do now.
I’ll need new contraceptives, I found god when you left him, let’s spend the night entwine on the boardwalk, in sickly summertime.
Age 30, finally a man, with work on his mind and family at heart. The picture is complete. At age 30 I want to be like my father, I want to be the dad of two bright and beautiful green eyed children. I want to be the dad who helps with the science project and is the coach of the football team. But what I want more than anything when I’m age 30 is the two children to look up at me and say “I love you daddy, I love you”. That is how I would paint my picture that is picture perfect love to me.

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