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We’re the class of ‘09

February 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Senior year is coming up fast; we all have memories that will never fade. I remember the first day of kindergarten everything was new and different, kids cried from leaving home, but over all we were so excited to be with other kids like us. I remember going through anger management classes in the first grade, because a bunch of girls got into the yelling gossip fights, even though we were so young. I still remember the love letters we sent anonymously to the other kids in our class.

I remember in third grade when cooties became the big thing, yet for some reason girls still hung out with the guys. I remember in fourth grade, when a date was sitting on the swings with your “boyfriend” was so cool. I remember the swing dance assembly we had in the fifth grade, and then later that week having a swing dance hour in our class, because it was oh so much fun.

Of course when we started sixth grade, dances we’re so cool to go to, but you looked like a fool, because you were little and didn’t know how to dance like the big kids. I remember in the seventh grade, just trying to stay awake during school was hard, and then waiting for the first ten minutes of class before the teacher even showed up.

Then there was the eighth grade, where we were the cool kids, everyone in sixth grade wanted to be like us. The final field trip we took that year was probably the best field trip, except for camp rotary, that we had our whole middle school career.

Finally we were freshmen in high school, and thought we were all that, when in truth we just looked like dorks. The first homecoming we had was about as nerve raking as they come.

Then we were sophomores, and we made fun of the freshmen because they thought they were cool, but in truth they weren’t, just like we hadn’t been either. We finally had a place in the high school, where we were something more then a lowly freshman.

Here we are now, juniors in high school, just months away from our last year, our best year in high school. Instead we are finishing up the most excruciating year of our whole pre-college career. We understand the rules of high school finally, and for once the cliques have seemingly disappeared, and for the most part we get along.

The time we’ve had together is coming to pass to quickly, and our senior friends this year will testify that the time flies by to fast, and that we should cherish it in this upcoming year.

Soon enough we will all be going our separate ways, and I can honestly say that whether I liked you, or just couldn’t stand you, I will miss you. We won’t stay together; we all have our different paths, but let’s make this last year the best.

After all,

We’re the class of ‘09

We are just so fine

We party all night

With all our might

Class of ‘09

It’s our time to shine

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