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To My Parents MAG

By Anonymous

Dear Mom and Dad,

The time has come: I'm graduating, and I thank you both for all your help during these 18 years. I still remember when you guys used to say, "You can be whatever you want." I'm so glad you are my parents, especially when I hear kids say they don't get along with theirs. I'm glad we do, and that you support me in my decisions. You always try to help, and that's important to me.

Dad, I remember when you first took me fishing. I loved going even though I never caught anything. I also remember when you would get mad at me. I realize you were only trying to show me the right way. When I would cry, you would always be there to try to cheer me up. That's what I call a good, loving, caring dad. You used to help me with my math homework even though it was your work half the time, but that's okay. Sometimes you and Mom don't agree with the decisions I make, but you are there by my side in whatever I do, and that's why I love you both so much.

Mom, we have our girls night out every Friday and I hope that never changes, even when I am in college. I love telling you everything; the best part about you is that you listen. I'm glad we get along and do a lot together. Not only do you have great style, but you love to have fun, and Dad does, too. You always give me your opinion and I listen. And when I don't, you are usually right!

I thank God every day that you are my parents and that you guys brought me up right. I'm very fortunate having the two of you by my side when some kids don't have this kind of relationship with their parents. It makes me know how lucky I am that you two are still together and get along so well. That's what makes you both so special to me and I take in every moment that I get with you guys.

Love always, Allison

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loved it!! it's so important to appreciate our loved ones in our lives who support us.