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Happiness In Hawaii

February 4, 2009
By christinelouise SILVER, Caroline Springs, Other
christinelouise SILVER, Caroline Springs, Other
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want to get away with you...
...escape to someplace tropical, to eradicate every trouble in the world and just be carefree and relaxed- no issues with girls, no traumas with school...family...and money. An opportunity in eliminating everything in the world except for the three most important aspects of this created universe...you, me and our love...
An escape...to ultimately have each other to hold...lying on that beautiful beach with coconut drinks in hand, staring out at the sunset that would truly would be ours...forever engraved in our memories...

No telephone calls, no interruptions...just us...you, me and complete happiness and freedom...
An adventure that continually pursues. Sight seeing, walking hand in hand with flower necklaces in the sun, inhaling the sights around us whilst our matching engraved dog tags hint their relevance through the bouncing rays of light off its metal. Meeting native people, going to bars and clubs with that tropical presence, differing from our home town. Becoming intoxicated...for the safeness and freedom to do so would finally be eligible.
No piercing stares in our direction, no whispers of unwanted gossip nor jealously. Though jealousy may be possible, but only a jealously of envy..that is, an onlooker's desire to have what we have. No jealousies of selfish manipulation and dramatic attempted influence. All of that...left back in Melbourne- the place of deceit, betrayal and ex's.
Dancing...my arms around your neck, your arms around my waist...clear to all of our unity.


Observing the blueness of the water in the distance. A deep and crystallized attraction, that so distinctively contrasts the green of the palm trees and the white of the sand...somewhat the division between earth and ocean. Tourists with cameras, silly photos and the randomness in posture. Being explorers, snorkeling, you making faces at me underwater, me attempting to laugh, but only achieving an array of bubbles in your mocking expression.
Us being ourselves, making fun of things and intending no cares in the world. Eating fresh pineapples and fruit...the moments when we'd actually be healthy but secretly we'd be craving for good old wicked wings at KFC. You getting blacker in the sun, me achieving a somewhat browner complexion. Breathing in the air of freedom and not the gossip and troublesome polluted air of home. The island, a more metaphorically clean environment.

Discovering a cave just off the shore, spending a whole night in there, expressing our love before a warm orange campfire, with the whispers of the ocean, and the gentle breeze, briefly rustling my hair while you touch me softly. The silhouette of the moon against the water and our moving shadows against the walls of our enclosure, as we make love nearby, privately in the cave of discovery. An intimacy and beauty of deep affection.
Lying under the stars and talking about life...the meaning of life..the meaning of love...the love for each other...our foundation. Discussion of what's left behind, and what is ahead. What the past holds, and what the future will bring us. Our discussion on the past-the mentioning of the four W's and one H rule of journalism...who, what, when, where, why and how.

Walking hand in hand back to our beach house that overlooks the picturesque scenery we only dreamed of physically ever laying eyes upon. As we walk, the whispers of 'I Love You' stay with us eternally.
Retiring in one another's embrace on the double bed. Stroking the smoothness of our skin as we exchange meaningful thoughts and opinions. The gentle waves of the ocean softly crashing against the rocks of the island. The forceful warmth in the house- the leftovers of a hot day. Sticky and sweaty, yet an odd satisfaction and sensation. The return of an urge to express the height of intimacy. Passionate moments and soft moans. Climax, followed by silence and exhaustion. Then a period to relax once again.
Speaking softly, whilst staring in each other's eyes that are visible, dependent only on the gaze of the moonlight squinting through the window from afar. Reminders of how much we love each other. A fulfilled embrace. A gentle kiss. A reminder of our eternal journey.
A perpetual romance tattooed on the hearts of both.

Drifting...drifting, falling asleep as one entity. Our minds transferred to a land of dreams. Dreams of one another, accompanied by the strangeness of foreign and almost absurd situations and aspects that fail to make sense. Meanwhile, the whispers of the ocean continue to surround. In and Out of the house, with the gentle breeze and the glistening image of two lovers, retired on the bed in the moonlight. A physical, yet invisible presence of love, strength and passion.

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