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Cracks in the Country

February 12, 2021
By ilanadrake PLATINUM, New York, New York
ilanadrake PLATINUM, New York, New York
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On July 4th, the America we live in seemed to shake beneath our feet.

The flags we would allow to wave outside our homes, the fireworks that we would glimpse at on television, and the feeling of pure joy we used to have was not present.

Because we recognized that not everyone knows “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


Our streets that once held children’s laughs

Turned to fire and pepper spray

As the protests for change evolved

And our country divided once more.


Our country once opened its borders

To people of all origins, nationalities, and races

Yet, we built a wall against Mexico

Shielding ourselves from our past values.


Our country once had cities that embraced diversity, cities that heard the stories of different cultures and allowed us to learn from each other.


Our country once fought for each person

Regardless of gender, nationality, or where they came from

The words “equality” and “freedom” used to echo.


But now we are at a crossroads because we do not know who we are.

The principles we prided ourselves on standing up for sink like the glaciers melting in the ocean, and the words we have said are just words that disappear as they float into the air.


Our hearts will beat together and our voices will be in song.

Our people will build bridges from inland to the coast.

And we will learn to embrace the way each person’s heart molds

As we see our common ground.

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