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Should He Be Free?

January 3, 2018
By Samanic BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Samanic BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
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Dear District Attorney,


Meek Mill is in prison for violating his probation. I believe Meek Mill should stay in prison because he was warned on what was expected on his behalf. He was no exception to the rules and should be able to serve his time just like everyone else would. I am writing this letter because I want justice to be served for our community. He needs to serve his time just like any other citizen. Just because he’s a “celebrity” doesn't mean he gets a pass. He's using being famous as an excuse for abusing the law.

He deserves to be in prison because he broke the law. He violated his probation after being warned countless times. He was already on probation from when he was younger and him violating the probation he already had just added to his sentence. The judge has given him many chances to get his act together and he continuously abused her kindness for a weakness and kept doing what he wanted. Civilians are blindly saying “Free Meek” when he doesn't deserve to be freed. He deserves what he got. This is essential because Meek Mill has supporters that he doesn't deserve. Therefore there is no reason why he shouldn’t be incarcerated.

I can't imagine why anyone would back Meek MIll up by saying “Free Meek” after he was incarcerated. I strongly feel as though they are doing the wrong thing by supporting this movement because his actions of violating his parole has consequences and he should be able to serve his time in prison just like any other person would. Meek Mill has absolutely no excuse for violating his probation.  Meek Mill’s probation was violated when he tested positive for the usage of opiates. He went to rehab but still chose to make bad decisions after he got out. He could have taken this chance to be positive and follow the rules of his probation. It would have been smooth sailing and he would have been off of it but he chose not to.

This is a blatant attempt to use his fame against society and not follow the rules. Our society deserves justice and should take proper actions to do so.They should keep him in prison for an extra year, have him do community service, and be on house arrest.They should revoke his drivers license so he can't leave Philadelphia, which is another reason why he violated his probation. Other people might think that he should not be in jail but they are wrong because as a citizen myself I feel as though it is unfair that he might have an exception because he is rich and famous.This is a big problem in our society for the simple fact that it is dividing our community. He isn't getting equitable treatment because this isn't what he needs.

Clearly, this issue needs to be addressed so that everyone can be treated equally regardless of how much money or power they have. I need you to write a letter yourself to help get justice and to see that he serves his time in prison. How would it make you feel to know that you aren't getting the fair amount of treatment as someone else because you don't have as much money as they do? We need to come together and make sure Meek Mill stays in a 6 by 8 cell where he belongs. Celebrities are no exception to the law whatsoever.



Samanic R.

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