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Social Injustice

December 30, 2017
By typicaljoyce BRONZE, Cebu City, Other
typicaljoyce BRONZE, Cebu City, Other
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Here's the thing about SJWs — they, but NOT all, think that attacking a person for their (that's a gender neutral pronoun too, grammar Nazis) opinions is acceptable as long as they're helping a movement thrive more.


News flash: it is not. You are being overly sensitive! You are overreacting! Every single thing could be misunderstood and morphed into every kind of affronting to these people. I have nothing against anyone who fights against racism, sexism (reverse, included), lgbt+ rights, and other kinds of campaigns/movements. Believe me when I say I fight for them too, as I'm a female, heterosexual POC and proud to be.


Whites discriminating Blacks or Asians, it's racism. Asians discriminating Blacks, it's racism. But Blacks and Asians could discriminate Whites, and not be called racism? Say, a movie represented two genders and nothing more, you call it homophobic? A White character in a book says the N-word, or some character says "f*****", and it's okay to go after the author and cuss the hell out of them? Why is that? It doesn't necessarily resemble their personal perspective.


That is not how campaigns/movements should be supported. You support them because you believe in them and encourage others to do the same. If you think somebody made a wrongful remark, then can't you simply ask or correct the person? You can't just go around attacking anyone for saying something that you've completely misinterpreted. There's a difference between correcting and being an insufferable know-it-all.


What about people seeing feminism as a movement aiming to support women only. Feminism is gender equality too, and since females in society don’t have the same level of social privilege as men do, its priority are women. Feminism supports men in terms of having equal rights to every other gender. But there are still a lot of people out there who refuse to call it as it is by insisting the contrary.


And let's not forget about the discrimination against Islams. With the ISIS terrorizing any part of the world any day, everyone thinks badly of every Muslim they come across. When havoc wreaks somewhere, such as bombing or mass shooting, the first thing that we blame are terrorist groups. We conceptualize theories as to why it is connected to terrorism. ISIS members aren't probably Muslims. Would they bomb a Mosque if they were? But that's not even the end. People who call themselves social justice warriors might defend Muslims if they're proven wrong about their theories, but once said issues are over, they're back to the starting line.


These condoned but unjust approaches to support campaigns might eventually lead to destroying them instead. Don’t dump your senseless exasperation in movements wherever you feel like it just so to let others hear your voice. Wake up, because you’re doing it wrong.

The author's comments:

I'm sick and tired of seeing pointless turmoil on the Internet about the inequity in races, genders, and religion and people making a big fuss out of something they've only misunderstood, or actually know nothing about. In this article, I'm hoping that it will open the eyes of society to stop going after a race -- POCs included -- or gender or sprituality, because they think they've become superior among others now. There's no such thing as dominance in these, only people make it up.

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