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Seventh Grade

September 22, 2007
By Anonymous

My seventh grade year was, to be put lightly, gruelling and abusive. Most of my time was spent listening to my fellow students ridicuel me. They would call me things like dyke, fag, bi***, sl**, and any other name you can possible think of. Because of this I went through a stage of depression and started cutting myself as a way to escape the things these people were saying to me. I was soon caught by my school couciler who reported it to my mother. She said that she wasn't mad but I needed to stop. I finally found a way to stop...for a while. Before the end of the year I was doing it again, this time being more careful on who would see it. The summer after I decided I couldn't take anymore and my Dad and I moved to Oklahoma. The kids at my school weren't as bad but I still went threw the same things, name calling, being left out of things, and having very little friends. Things only got worse after they found out I was Bisexual, but by this point I really didn't care to much. Since word had got out at my school of course my Dad got word of it. He asked me one day if i was saying I was a "Fag" I told him that "yes i'm bi" He just started yelling at me...He said that I was just trying to get attention and that I was a sl** and that the only reason guys liked me is because they thought they could get into my pants (what this had to do with my being bi i don't know) He also went off saying that I was a desgrace to the family and that now he can't even show his face at work, I highly doubt that people were giving him problems about it because I would have heard from my friends at school if they were. Most of my friends parents worked with my Dad. My Dad never got any better, from that day on out he rarely talked to me and whenever a girl would call for me he wouldn't let me talk. I wasn't even aloud to stay with my friends anymore or have them stay with me. I couldn't take it anymore so I moved back to Kansas with my Mom. Things are going better now that I'm homeschooled and don't have to really put up with them same people anymore. I don't have that many friends here but the ones I do have are the greatest, I even have a boyfriend here. Now that I'm openly bi all my friends know and stand up for me when I have to put up with peoples discrimination. So I guess you really can get through just about anything as long as you have great friends to stand by your side...

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nonelse said...
on Feb. 7 2009 at 2:20 am
that's terrible....i can't believe people would do that too you to that extent. i'm so sorry.

princepurple said...
on Sep. 7 2008 at 1:33 am
i'm so sorry.