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Let Them In

April 29, 2016
By Noctiluca GOLD, Hyderabad, Other
Noctiluca GOLD, Hyderabad, Other
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Let them in. Oh well. I have heard quite a bit about this highly moot point.

At school we’ve had debates on it. It is often the main feature in a newspaper. At Mock United Nations, we have argued endlessly and created resolutions…which to my disappointment have ended up in the trash bin once the gimcrack comes to an end. It seems that peoples’ lives are taken to be as simple as a piece of firewood, ready to be burnt to ashes sooner or later, without reconsideration.

I drag me my feet against the rough surface of the ground, kicking pebbles out of my way, as I head home from the bus stop after an especially tiring day at school.

The terrible summer afternoon heat pierces through me and random thoughts tend to hit my conscience when I’m enervated and exhausted. As the beads of perspiration traced down my neck, I commenced to think about what the world must be doing at this time of the day. What must it be like on the other side of the earth?
Ah well. I’m guessing there are families sound asleep where the stars have risen in the skies, while, where the first rays of the sun strike the surface, ordinary people must have begun their chores, children getting dressed for another day at school and men kissing their wives’ goodbye as they head to work and earn.
However, mind you…the world isn’t all that rosy.

There are the poor, begging out on the streets, some too old to work, hoping for some kind words and some money to afford at least one meal a day. Others, less noble, steal and live their lives, hidden in the shadows, almost as if they cease to exist.

My thoughts then wander further and ponder on those masses, who feel they won’t ever see home again, hiding and escaping the terror which has engulfed their lives.


Let them in.

These troubled souls are lost, devoid of sight and rambling in the depths of nowhere, screaming for help, begging for mercy, hoping to see a new light of home, warmth and love (Diversion unexpected? Well, this is truly how my thoughts wander after all.)

If they’re lucky, they escape their strife quickly enough. The Lord has saved them.

But what about the rest? Where will they go? What will they do? What if they are shunned? What if they are not accepted in society? Will they ever find happiness again?

Depends on the paperwork.

Depends on the comfort levels of the people who live their lives luxuriously.

Will the respected authorities of the countries open up their gates to create a livelihood for their fellow human beings?

Depends on their generosity.

Think again. Is this morally right? We live our lives our way. We seek sufficiency and well-being. What about them? Don’t they already have enough to worry about, when we foolishly oppose their pleads for refuge?
They are begging for our attention. Imploring us to give them another chance at life. Pleading desperately for our aid, to help them and their families out of the murky waters of starvation, strife and misery.


Are you aware of the renowned poem, “Home” by Warsan Shire?

“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.”

“It’s not something you ever thought of doing.”

“…you carried the anthem under your breath, only tearing your passport in airport toilets.”

“insults are easier to swallow than rubble…”

How long will we ignore them? We can’t let them be. They will be banging our doors all day, because it’s their only source of hope.

What are WE afraid of? Why must they be the ones to adjust themselves no matter how uncomfortably they must lead their lives? They’ve adjusted everywhere, and they’ve come back neglected. They’ve been tormented by monsters of humanity and their lives hang off a cliff…and WE are afraid?

Most commonwealths fear the spread of Islamic terrorism from Iraq and Syria or maybe Afghanistan? What if we are attacked? What if we hit poverty?

Without doubt, every human has the right to be protected. No one can be mistreated. Yet, isn’t this statement easier said than done. We can clearly see how TRUE this statement is.

Think again of the lives lost. What if we were in their place and people feared to let us in and give us shelter because they are afraid of their livelihood getting ruined. Instead why not treat them kindly and give them a space in your home, guide them and allow them to settle in their lives? If you shun them, no doubt, they will feel insulted and enraged. They will threaten to destroy your home and your people. Well of course they will. They have seen the demons. They’ve been driven insane. Being neglected and getting pushed away once again wasn’t exactly what they were looking forward to.

Also, thinking from a simple human beings point of view, when our lives are at stake, just how much does legal paperwork matter to us? It is our survival that truly matters. All we want is a peaceful life, rid of complications.

Each and every living being has their own way of surviving and their own demands for comfort. These refugees live their lives way out of their comfort zones. They live their lives in the fear of persecution.

Would it hurt to help them by trying to adapt to certain changes which couldn’t possibly be as terrifying as the lives they’ve lived and the hardships they have endured, and save a generation of lives?

They are not to be treated like cattle. Commonwealths must work together to understand their distress and form a united resolution to accommodate these people.

I shall say it again, that, peoples’ reactions depend on how well you treat them. They didn’t go through all that mutiny and suffering to be shunned, ignored and pushed away once again.

These immigrants and refugees may consist of young folks, ready to work and earn in this life or death situation. As said by The Economist, if their energies are channelized the right way, the country may prosper. After all, everyone human has their own dignity. Everyone has their own lives to carry, everyone has their own burdens.

Let them in.

Immediate success cannot be guaranteed. But change is essential. And gradually, grief shall be erased, eliminating the chances of vengeance and a higher probability for peace.

“Open the gates.
Open your minds.
Let loose the barriers.
Erase all this strife.”

Let them in.

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My thought on the refugee crisis. 

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