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Speak Up

August 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Every year more than 100,000 girls and women are raped and more than half don't speak up. I know because I was one of those girls and as a result I went through a year of torture. I didn't speak out and I regret it. Its scary, demeaning and a death (metaphoricly speaking). I hope that this will help someone someday. Its painful but, by speaking out as a victim of rape or abuse you can save someone like you from going through the same pain. It takes time to heal your physical wounds and even more to mend the emotions. It is best if you seek help as soon as you possably can, but sexual abuse and rape can be reported years after the crime is commited. There is no reason to be ashamed, its not your fault. You aren't alone and while you may blame yourself you have to realise that you didn't do any thing wrong. There are many orginazations that help victims of violent crime and they have helped me also. So speak up, even if you dont put him away you tried. You could save others from having to go through what happened to you.

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