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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

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A woman gets stabbed. Not all at once but over a period of time. He came back three different times to stab her, how lurid is that? “Two Points of View” and “38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police” by Martin Gansberg explains a murder that happened. 38 People saw it, No one called the police. They had plenty of time to call the police, because she was stabbed then left alone three times. It all happened over an elapsed time of 35 minutes.
It was 3:20 a.m. and Miss Genovese was coming home from a late night of work. As she was walking back to her domicile she saw man waiting outside. So, instead she decided to turn around and go in a different way. She was followed; the man caught up to her grabbed a hold of her and stabbed her. The man was not meticulous at all, because a person from the window saw what he did. The man from the window shouted out STOP! Go away! The murder ran. Not long after Miss Genovese got up and tried to walk back up to her home. But the murder came back and stabbed her another time. At this point she scream I’m dyeing, I’m dyeing. The murder ran away again. More people now saw what had happened but still know one had done anything yet. Once again Miss Genovese gets up and tries to head for her home again. The murder came back though for the third time. This time he stabbed her and she was dead. The murder went of into the night and not one police had shown up until she was dead and he was gone. 38 people saw what happened and no one called that police? Why not? Everyone said they didn’t want to get involved. All they had to do is make a phone call and she would still be alive.
Miss Genovese was announced dead at 4:25 a.m. She was obviated by her murderer. Maybe this would have never happened if she hadn’t come home at such a sporadic time. Maybe she would still be alive if her neighbors weren’t so lax. Maybe she would still be alive if the rash neighbors did the right thing and called the police. Maybe the way she was killed was planned? But it wasn’t the most quip was to do it. All that I know is that the people did not do the right thing. Why wouldn’t you call the police if you saw a murder? Some people would call you a hero if you did that, and why wouldn’t you want to be called a hero? That would be the greatest feeling. Right? I do not know what was wrong with these people. But I hope deep down they know that they could have saved that woman’s life and learned that if they ever see a murder again they call the police.

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