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Beat to my Life

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

I got a beat in my head,
And its poundin so hard,
When all is done and said,
It is my only wild card,
It makes me happy and sad,
Shows everyone that I care,
Keeps the right and wrong from the bad,
So with all ya'll I share.

The beat to my life,
The flowin sould around me yea,
Even a knife,
Can't cut out who i be yea,

My lifes beat,
The thing that keeps me safe and strong,
And with all of the strife,
I'll keep singin my song.

Its beatin faster and faster
Cuz It's my heart can't you see,
Convulsing such a disaster,
My beats all flownin in me,
It makes me wonder,
If sometimes lifes worth in the end,
That way to think's such a blunder,
No wonder souls passion you bend,

So get it straight,
This, beat, is, taking control,
And the more it's taking control is the more you feel its toll,
Living the beat on your life as you feel it poundin your soul,
So life it full out extent,
As your heart feels resent,
Because your words are full of nothing cause their meaning is spent.

The beat to my life,
The flowing soul around me yea,
Even a knife, can't cut out who I be yea,

My Lifes beat,
The thing that keeps me safe and strong,
And with all of the strife,
I'll just keep singin this song.

...Lifes beat, the travelin commpassion in soul,
It's lifes beat, the thing keeps you apart as a whole,
My lifes beat, it's been my saving grace short and long,
Cuz lifes beat, Is why I keep singin this song.

Lifes beat...

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cupcake420 BRONZE, Hdj, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
THe best thing you can do for the person you love is to let them go .. and if they come back then you know i was ment to be :)

Thats a really good poem it makes u feel like u can relate in some way or how but it is really goood i didnt want to stop reading it good job