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Finding Friendship

January 29, 2008
By Anonymous

I as really upset when my best friend told me she was moving to U.S.A.So far away from India.I wondered if we could stay for so long without each other.But she did move and I was,all alone.Friendless.

The next 2 years that went by,its just a blur now.I would have met so many people but never that someone special never someone I felt who could be my best friend.

Then there came a situation where I hadto change schools.The first day was all introduction as many new students had come.After some classes we had physical training.I went to play basketball.There were a lot of them playing but 2 of them who in my eyes stood out.One girl was shooting,the centre of attraction,the ball always in her hands while the other stood on the edge of the group,the ball never in her hands.I dismissed both of them from my mind.The first girl was way too loud and the second wat too shy.

As time went by I found myself eating my words.I began to spend time with them.We struck a balance with each other.We have become the best of friends.Pooja,Alefiyah and me.

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on Nov. 16 2010 at 8:28 pm
Overachiever BRONZE, Falls Church, Virginia
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I can completely relate to this writing! I remember when I moved to america and my friends used to call me and tell me that they can't believe I am not there anymore.

Ofcourse over time the calls dwindled and now I can barely remember their faces (and I am sure its the same with them).

Point being, you will always move on and always make new friends.

Nice writing!