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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

After ahard morning of sounding out words in picture books,
I skipped through thefluorescent-lit lunchroom to the table where you sat.
Teasingly, you ruinedthe pride I had in my new pink lunch pail.
You didn't see, but you made me cryand I ate alone.
During all the adolescent drama when I discovered make-up andcliques,
I was behind you when our gym class ran the track,
You lapped mewith your clan of fans, snickering and staring.
You didn't notice, but youmade me cry and I ran my final lap alone.
When all the wrong issues werevalued and status depended on appearance and who you knew,
I was insecure,but you weren't supposed to know.
You saw my vulnerability and took advantageof it.
I refused to let you see, but you made me cry and I doubtedmyself.
Looking back,
You probably don't remember me,
But I will alwaysremember you.

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