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Main Course

March 30, 2009
By Lisa Riffel GOLD, Fairmount, North Dakota
Lisa Riffel GOLD, Fairmount, North Dakota
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Hello. How are you today? Shall we frollick together in the fields of apathy and carelessness? Or perhaps we shall dine in the hall of the great almighty uncaring. Yes, that is what we shall do. Together we shall sit down and order up a nice cup of nothingness tea, and request a few moments to consider what not to care about. Shall we have a plate of fried prejiduce with a side of color? No, no, that is far to common. What is that? Of course, what does it matter if it’s common, so long as it’s good, so yes, I think we shall partake in that delight. And for our main course? I do believe that I shall enjoy the knowledge of Darfur special. Yes, I know that it comes with very little, but I’m on a diet, so it’s perfect. For you I would suggest the what is a holocaust dinner, it is absolutely devine. It is unfortunately all common food, but the Uncaring Hall only possess common stuff. Why, how could it possess anything special? This is what so many people don’t care about. I wish that they would serve some biracial love salad or maybe even a body size ratatoullie, but alas, they do not. Why do we eat her then you wonder? Why of course, so that we might sit with these, the beautiful people. The well known and wealthy persons of the world. Of course, the ones that we truly aim for dine elsewhere, for they need not reach themselves, as we must strive for. But let us forget such pitiful bittersweet truths and enjoy our fine meal.

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