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How to Come Out as LGBTQ+

November 14, 2018
By Devileysh BRONZE, Cedar, Utah
Devileysh BRONZE, Cedar, Utah
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How can i come out. Well there is many ways to do that. Here i will tell you some ways to come out and why you should come out. Here is your first way you can leave hints and she if they will cachon. You can ask questions like How do you fill about gays, trant, est. Your second option is say mom dad we need to talk and just tell them. Or have your boyfriend or girlfriend  come over and tell them. And yes this is very scary to do because you dont know how they will react. There are some family that are not as exciting as others. Some will be okay with it. Here are some good thing to have before coming out. Have a adult you trust and who knows. And you have to have faith in yourself.

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