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What Actually Happens Behind Factory Labels

November 5, 2018
By Katy041701 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Katy041701 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Each day animals are taken from their mothers at birth. Just because people keep buying meat. But, animals aren't food. They are living things with feelings and emotions. Most cattle, chicken, even reptiles are separated from their mothers at birth and most don't live a week. A lot of times their necks are cut open and they bleed to death. In some cases, their children have a view of what is happening or the other way around. In my opinion, animals are like humans but with fur or feathers. No animal deserves to be taken from their parents just because people think they taste good. No matter how they taste they are babies who have to live their first and last moments in fear and without their mothers. For the mothers, its worse. They have to deal with someone sticking their whole arm up the cow's rectum in order to position the uterus, and then forcing an instrument into her vagina. Every day these cows are violated and\or have to watch their babies get taken from them as soon as they are born. This is the same for chickens to lay eggs just for them to be in the egg without the warmth of their mothers. The sex of day-old chicks is determined at the hatchery. ... Later the hens are bred to produce eggs whereas male chickens are bred to grow large breast muscle and legs. Chick hatcheries breed one or the other depending on which poultry industry they will supply — eggs or meat.

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