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Feminism. Is It Really About Being Equal? Is It Still Good?

September 23, 2018
By MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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Feminism is a word that most people think they know and understand. Unfortunately very few people actually get it. Feminism started off as a great idea and the dictionary definition of it is good, but has it become something else entirely? It used to be about equality and how women are just as good as men but nowadays it's about how women are better than men. That's not even close to true.

Female and Male are titles you gain upon birth. They’re what you’re named after and how your parents pick what your room will look like. That's all. In the past women were looked down upon because of their title as female. Nowadays society has gotten a lot better and the two titles are treated fairly similar.

Unfortunately feminism is still growing stronger. Now don't assume I hate feminism. I don't. I just think feminism is starting to become less about how the titles are equal and more about how men are worse than woman. That's not true. People shouldn't be judged based on what titles they hold. They should be judged by what they can do or what they have done. If that was how the world looked at it then some men would be better than some women and some women would be better than some men.

Both titles have the same ability to become greater and the people who try should be known as superior and not those who are of a certain gender.

Sometimes people assume the reason there are less girls in engineering and scientific fields of work is because of less opportunities. That's not true. It's because girl often care less about that stuff or are interested in other stuff. If girls had the same mindset as the scientists then those fields would have just as many girls as guys. Now if anyone is mad or misunderstanding this then let me explain. Girls and guys have different views. Often times guys find the scientific parts of stuff more interesting than girls. This isn’t always the case and there are some amazing scientists of both genders.

Rape and physical abuse. This topic is sore and uncomfortable to read about for plenty of people but I have to cover it. Not to much I promise. Think about a rapist. Most likely you thought of a male. But not all are male. In fact a ton are female and men can be targeted just as much. Females just get more attention for some reason. Now I'm done cause I don't like writing about it...

Males are often told to man up or get it together while females are told to be more polite or act like a lady. That's what's called stereotyping. People should be able to act however they want. Males can cry and females can be tough just as men can be tough while females cry. Just be who you are.

The last thing I have to go over. Dressing and clothing. Lots of people say girls dress like they do because they feel like they have to. That's not often true. Most girls just like wearing what they wear. But that doesn't mean girls can't wear other stuff. If a girl wants to wear guys clothing let them. If a guy wants to wear a dress then let him. What you wear is just a way you can show who you are. If you love sports wear something sporty. If you like being lazy wear a sweater or something. Just wear whatever you want.

The message I was trying to send through this was, be who you are. Don't listen to what others have to say. Just be thoughtful about what you want to be known as. Gender is a title that should mean nothing.

The author's comments:

This is just something I really wanted to say, or rather write. I know some people have different views and I respect that. I might be wrong I might be right. Everyone will have different opinions.

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