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Feedback on An Open Letter to My Mom

December 15, 2017
By qwertyuiopasdfghjk BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
qwertyuiopasdfghjk BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Flipping through the December issue of Teenink, "An Open Letter to My Mom," by "Odette," caught my eye. It was an inspiring,  moving letter from the author to her mom. In the letter, she starts with telling her mom that she wanted to explain somethings that she wanted her mom to know and she wanted to write about the things that she couldn't teach her mom face-to-face. She greatly thanked her mom for shaping her to who she is, even though part of who she is is bisexual.

With the author's powerful words to voice at her opinion, the letter moved me. She was thankful for her mom supporting her and telling her to not give up on her dreams which includes "finding the right man." The author stated that her mom never said to find the "right man - or anyone else." Her mom has always taught her to not support LGBT+ rights. However, the author has her own opinion and she supports them. For, she is bisexual. The author ends in a satisfactory note, leaving the readers in awe of her confession. "Love, your bisexual daughter."

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