I am a jew in America

October 18, 2017
By Boyer SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Boyer SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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     Dear Janet, on the October issue of teen ink, I read your article “ I am a Jew in America”. I read it and at the end, I can say that I agree with you on this subject and matter. The reason why I agree with you is because I believe people shouldn’t be attacked because of their race and religion. I agree with you because I believe that every man and women should be judged by their actions, by what they do in life. I do understand how you feel though, why you’re scared; but don’t be. Instead, like you said, you should be “ proud of “... (Your) “ Religion and the community that comes with it ”. Saying that you’re proud of your community, is what the Nazis and bigots fear the most. That’s why they’re protesting, they want to drive fear into people, if you stay proud, if you judge a person by their character, then, they already have lost. I think everyone should be proud of their ancestors, yes, everyone probably has that one ancestor that what not so good, but, in the end, everyone should be proud of the good their community and ancestry has done for the world. Everyone should respect their past, because if you respect your past, you understand your future, and move forward to your future. That’s why I agree with you, I think we should promote healing and progress, instead of hate and corruption. Thank you Janet, for taking your time writing your article, it was a good one to read.  

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this becuase of the recent race conflict between whites, black and other races. I have always thought that racism is sick and just a way to make life harder for everyone. Recently, they has been a conflict that's been seperating people on both sides, good white people are getting hurt, good black people are getting hurt, everyones is getting hurt by this division. I'm honestly sick of this division and war between races. I wrote this feedback letter because I want to send a message to be proud of your hatitage and the positive things your comuntiy has done. Every comunity has it's goods and bad, so to understand your the bad, so to be able to forward, but to respect the good in your past, is to understand your important in life. No one should just be ashamed of their comunity, they should instead, understand it.  

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